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soundhaus's Journal

Soundhaus - Glasgows Only Alternative
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Soundhaus music complex is a non-profit making organisation aimed at providing a forum for an eclectic array of DJ's, musicians, and artists.

In addition to providing rehearsal facilities for bands, we also host events which showcase the talents of our collective in the form of band performances and club nights.

Soundhaus is home to club nights such as Basement, Monox, Camouflage, Off The Record, Sin & Massacre and many more.

Soundhaus is also an excellent gig venue putting on both touring and local bands.

For further information on Soundhaus events visit: http://www.soundhaus.co.uk

To contact the Soundhaus for information on memberships or club events:
47 Hydepark Street
G3 8BW

Tel: 0141 221 4659
Email: music@soundhaus.co.uk
Web: http://www.soundhaus.co.uk